* Flash Flood Guidance System

The Flash Flood Guidance System (or shortly - FFGS) is a forecaster's tool designed to provide hydrological and meteorological forecasters with readily and accessible quality controlled precipitation estimates from weather radars and satellites, precipitation measurements (raingauges), forecast data from Numerical Weather Prediction models, and other information to produce timely and accurate flash flood warnings worldwide.

* Jak chránit svůj domov vůči povodním?

     Nečekejme pouze pomoc od státu.Sami můžeme udělat řadu efektivních opatření ke snížení dopadů povodní!

* Flood insurance

cover does not protect thousands of new homes - Flood insurance in UK does not cover damage and losses caused by floods. The article shows needs for improvement of this situation.

* Flood defences simply aren't good enough

here's what needs to be done. Paper shows vulnerability of some ares in UK. Especially dykes or other types of protection are not built properly to withstand future floods.

* Policy Recommendations for an integrated approach to flood management

* How to Protect Your Home From Flood Damage